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Rossendale Flame Elma E
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Report & photos from the Northern Committee AGM
held at Crooklands March 2012
About 70 members turned out on a warm day in the Lake District for the Northern Annual General Meeting. 
There was a lot of activity in the car park before the meeting as people bought plants from several suppliers. 
  Tom & Ron talking prior to the AGM Buying dahlia before the AGM  
  During the meeting there was the report from the Executive Committee - given by NDS Chairman Ron Guest. Ron giving the EC reoprt  
  John Bottomley presented the Leeds Trials winner - Ian Hill with the Harry Howarth Gold Award. Ian Hill wins the Leeds trials  
  The 1st afternoon agenda item was advertised as: The John & Frank Tartan Duo by John Jack & Frank Fraser.  This was a very entertaining presentation, with some references to Scotland!  In the photo John Jack is handing over to John Fraser ( manning the projector). John Jack presenting  
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