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Leeds Dahlia Trials
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These trials are for exhibition dahlias, and cultivars are grown with some under covers and others in the open to best assess how they perform in differing conditions.  Awards are given after a season's judging, the overall best cultivar receiving the Harry Howarth Memorial Medal.  Results are published in the Society's Winter Bulletin. 
To see a larger image of the dahlias shown below, just click on the image.
Harry Howarth Memorial Medal winner:
  Josudi Aurora - MinC (raiser Peter Greenway)
Gold Award 
  Josudi Aurora  
  Josudi Aurora - MinC
Peter Greenway
Silver Award 
  Grace Wood  
  Grace Wood - MSC
Raiser Derek Cave 
Bronze Award
Josudi Andromeda Rosemary Dawn Spennithorne Georgia Mei
 Josudi Andromeda -Min C
 Raiser: Peter Greenway (Falmouth)
Rosemary Dawn - LPom
 Raiser: Peter Greenway
 Spennithorne Georgia Mei - L/MSC
 Raiser: Eric Booth
For more details or to submit cultivars for future trials, please contact Trials Co-ordinator:     
Mike Cunningham, 8 Wheathead Crescent,  Keighley,  West Yorkshire, BD22 6LX.

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