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Raffle to “Name a Dahlia”

The National Dahlia Society is once again offering you the opportunity to name a new, totally unique dahlia after a loved one of your choice.

The dahlia we are offering has reddish/purple blooms, 6-8ins in diameter of a decorative type and grows to a height of 3-4ft.
This, as yet, unnamed variety has been bred by Mr Gordon Hodgson, one of the country’s leading raisers and exhibitor of dahlias and has been donated to the National Dahlia Society to use to raise funds.


The winner will receive tubers of the dahlia to grow for themselves and the name they give it will be officially registered with the Royal Horticultural Society by the National Dahlia Society.

The Raffle ends on 4th March 2023.

Get your tickets now at by clicking here.