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Membership Renewals

Now we have the new web site, existing members can renew on-line. This will save a lot of administration by the society trustees, all of whom are volunteers.

Existing member’s subscriptions are due on 1/11/19 ( unless you have already renewed using the ‘old’ paper based system).

If you have not renewed yet, your account will show ‘On Hold’.  If this is the case please renew.

To renew please look at Subscriptions in My Account.

This will let you check when your subscription expires and how to renew.

Please note, if paying by Go-Cardless, it seems to take about a week for the Direct Debit to work its way through the financial  systems. During this time your account may go ‘On Hold’. The only thing that this affects is the abilty to look at the Annuals / Bulletins, and, if you are a Society, the ability to update your society page and events.

When your subscription gets to the renewal date, you will get an e-mail asking you to renew your memerbship.

Thanks, Rob.