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This year's show was held again at RHS Wisley.  With the new flooring, conditions were much better than last year.  The weather was good during staging and the  the show declared a great success, with lots of visitors and questions about dahlias. 
Our thanks go to all who helped make this a great show!
Society championship winners - Kent Left:
In the Society Championship for the Herbert Brown Perpetual Challenge Cup Kent came out on top.  Bishop Auckland were second and the Midlands third.
Click on the photo to see a larger version of the Kent exhibit.

The Terry Clarke Perpetual Challenge Cup was won by Dave Spencer.  It is 31 years since he won it last!  Supported by his wife, Carmen, it was  a wonderful exhibit which also won 6 other Awards / Cups.  Wow!
again to see a detailed picture, click on the photo.
Terry Clark winners - the Spencers
Mark wins Intermediate championship

On the left we see Mark Williams, from the Midlands, who won the Intermediate  Championship       ( class 34).

On the right we see members helping out at the Bureau, which helps register new members and sell society goods, as well as answering many questions from the public on dahlias.
Weekend show team

On Friday night, the competitive part of the show is replaced by the weekend show.

On the left are the team who did the swap over.  Thanks to them for their efforts.

 Also helping out was David Brown, who is the society archivist, who brought along many of his photos.

Left is the weekend bureau selling the last of the raffle tickets and also selling blooms and pot dahlias at the end of the show.

A long week for several members, however a very good one for the society.
David with some archive photos
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