Dahlia Timeline


Earliest drawing of Dahlia

Earliest drawing of Dahlia used in symbolic reference to the Chief – proposed by Richard K.Cook

Dahlias used as headbands, mainly by women of Mixtec culture as part of matrimony and possibly Mextec (Aztec Culture) as well.

Ref: Richard K.Cook


First western account of the Dahlia

Friar Bernardino de sahagún arrives in Mexico and would later write the first western account of the Dahlia (Acocoxochitl).


Dahlia’s collected for Mexico’s Botanical Garden

Nicholas Joseph Thierry de Menonville, see dahlias growing in Guaxaca Oaxaca.

Martin de Sessé y Lacasta (Physician) & Jose Mariano Mociño set out to collect plants for the Mexico’s Botanical Garden.


Dahlia seed sent to Madrid

Either in 1789 or 1790 Martin de Sessé y Lacasta’s colleague Vincente Cervantes, (Later Director of the Mexican Botanical Gardens) sent Dahlia seed to Madrid.


“Icones et Descriptiones Plantarum” Published

Abbe Cavanilles published “Icones et Descriptiones Plantarum” in which he dedicated the Genus Dahlia, to Andre Dahl, a Swedish botanist and named the multi ray plant that had been raised from the seed that Cervantes had sent, as Dahlia pinnata.


Further Species Named

Abbe Cavanilles published “Icones et Descriptiones Plantarum, Vol 3” in October, that adds two more Dahlia species, Dahlia coccinea & Dahlia rosea.


Real Madrid Botanical Garden.

Abbe Cavanilles becomes Director of Real Madrid Botanical Garden.


First Garden Dahlia Grown in Britain

John Frasier introduces Dahlia coccinea from France, John Woodford grows what is claimed to be Dahlia rosea from France which is the first Garden Dahlia to be grown in Britain.


Abbe Cavanilles dies

Dahlia Coccinea

Abbe Cavanilles dies in May 1804.

Alexander Humboldt & Bonpland return home to France, from their voyage of exploration of South and Central America. They bring back seed of Dahlia coccinea. Lady Holland sends seed to Britain and this is the main bases for the beginning of garden Dahlias in Britain.


Richard Salisbury grows Dahlia plants for the first time.

Lady Holland ‘s Librarian raises two seedlings from Lady Holland’s Dahlia pinnata purpurea No 1.

Alexander Humboldt sends to Wildenow (Berlin Botanical Garden, Germany) seed of Dahlia coccinea, that is germinated and flowered in 1805.

Richard Salisbury (1761 – 1829) grows Dahlia plants for the first time.