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Members of the NDS Executive Council
R. K. Bailey C. Watkins D. Brown
R. Cheetham M. Cunningham G. Gardener
I. Ledger B. Smith Mrs B. Thomas
R. J. Thomas R. S. Thomas L. J. Wallace
A Robinson    
Standing Committees 2016
Show               Chairman R. J. Thomas  
R. S. Thomas Mrs B. Thomas D. Brown
R. K. Bailey C. Watkins L. Wallace
GP                   Chairman L.J. Wallace  
R. Bailey R. Cheetham D. Brown
I. Ledger J. Nash B. Smith
Classification  Chairman D. Bates  
G. Gardener B. Smith I. Ledger
J. Bottomley R. J. Thomas D. Brown
C. Watkins    
Judging           Chairman R. S. Thomas  
B. Smith C. Watkins Mrs. B. Thomas
D. Bates R. J. Thomas  
Publications    Chairman
Mrs. B. Thomas  
R. Cheetham (Webmaster) R. Bailey D. Brown
D. Bates (editor)   J. Bottomley
Finance           Chairman R. Cheetham  
J. Bottomley R. Bailey E. Collins
M. Cunningham D. Reid L.J. Wallace
Exhibition Trials           Chairman J. Bottomley  
M. Cunningham (Trials organiser) D. Bates (Trials Recorder) G. Gardener
I. Ledger D. Reid  
Plus the following members from the Northern Committee:    
E. Cawkwell D. Fowler G. Hodgson
I. Hill J. Jones D. Matthewman